Insulin resistance diet tips

By | 1 February, 2015

Insulin resistance diet tips

insulin resistance diet tipsOver the years of following an insulin resistance diet, I have found that certain things have helped and others haven’t worked. It depends on the individual, of course, but I thought it would be good to list a few tips to help others who might be in this situation. This post is more about keeping yourself motivated – for practical tips to get over a weight loss plateau, there are several strategies to help you here.

It’s tough being insulin resistant! This is no ordinary weight loss journey and the discipline required is harder than for most people. You will sometimes notice that you’re not losing weight, or that your appetite/cravings seem to have come back with a vengeance. You may be incredibly bored with the food you’re “allowed” to eat and need some inspiration to continue. Sound familiar?!

OK – here are my insulin resistance diet tips to stay motivated and on track:

1) Remain aware of why you’re doing this

You can do this in a positive or a negative way, whatever has the most impact. You can motivate yourself by thinking about your bright future, looking forward to being able to fit into smaller clothes, run faster, be a healthier, trimmer person with more energy and willingness to participate in life’s special occasions. Visualize yourself as that person and remind yourself daily that it’s attainable if you stick with it.

Or you can remind yourself that if you slip back into your old ways, if you ignore the advice about eating refined carbohydrates, the consequences will be a higher risk of developing diabetes, or other serious health problems like heart failure. Any normal person would want to avoid that scenario if they could! It is the biggest motivating factor for some people when they’re tempted to abandon their efforts and return to the comfort foods.

Weigh it up – is that bag of chips/cake/cookie so necessary? Is the few minutes of enjoyment you get from eating it really worth it? Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by a fleeting desire – it’s NOT worth it and you will spend more time regretting it and feeling guilty than the moment’s pleasure that beckons.

2) Seek out others who are in your situation

There are so many communities of people on the internet with websites, blogs and forums for weight loss and for medical conditions such as insulin resistance and PCOS. Look on Facebook or Pinterest for pages where people have similar issues. On forums you can often find people discussing what works for them, and what resources they have found.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to interact or not (although you will often find this is the most rewarding thing to do). Just knowing that you’re not alone is so important! And you can often read something that will inspire you to try something new, or stay on track for the day – sometimes you will even find things that people have written which will have a profound and meaningful impact on your whole weight loss/health journey. And the array of recipes you can find online these days will definitely help to keep you on track.

3) List the benefits of the diet you’re following

Whether you’re doing the Atkins Diet, the Dukan Diet, Protein Power, the Paleo diet…. instead of focusing on the things you miss, make a list of all the ways in which your new way of eating has benefited you thus far and will continue if you stick with it.

Once you start that list, keep thinking about the fact it’s an insulin resistance diet, not just a weight loss diet. You will find more and more reasons to keep writing! And when you look back at that list, it will be a powerful motivator. My list started with “Appetite Control”. I am still unwilling to trade that for the refined carbs!

Don’t forget that you can always start afresh with a program that can get you all fired up again in no time!

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